Vegas baby 5/5

More dancing in the desert dry lake bed using Bernard Holley designs. We had a blast although the heat in Vegas desert is so intense that we rotated the girls about every 8 min! It all felt like I was in an oven at 1030am! My shoes were burning, and my focusing ring was melting. …


Vegas baby 4/5

Two of the girls from the swim show were also dancers.  We drove about an hour south of Vegas and I dressed them in Bernard Holley designs and OMG how beautiful it all turned out!!!

Vegas baby 3/5

My designer friend Tayo and I decided to go shoot the girls and her friend Ary at the hotel pool early in the morning after the swim show.  Ary came to visit Tayo all the way from L.A., so we put her to "work"!

Vegas baby 2/5

Pretty woman, walking down the street Nicole has a designer friend as well, who was kind enough to let us use one of her designs. We were originally going to shoot the dress up top a hill but the "bees" were attracted to her. So much so that I had to rescue her from that …